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2000 LSC, Section 12_2_3_4 Other Exits Maximum velocity in sprinkler piping = 32fps
Architect-Engineer Seal information Miscellaneous Fire Alarm Information
Are sprinkler systems required to use earthquake bracing NFPA 13 Hydraulic Calculation Procedure
Combination dry insp_ test conn_ & drum drip NFPA 13, Sect_ 12_7 'Special Design' (aka Special Interest)
Commercial cooking operations requirements NICET POLICY 28_ SEALS AND STAMPS
Drive-thru canopies Notice to Designers for Smoke Control Systems
ESFR K25 sprinkler protection of rubber tires Observations on Draft Stops - Water Curtains
Essay on MIC (call for comments-action) Primary-Supplemental requirements for sprinklers
Ethical delemma... Recycle bins in corridors-lobbies
FACP serving multiple buildings Residential Balcony sprinkler requirments
FD access roads, F_Hydrants, FDC, PIV, etc Responsible PE or Architect required on all projects
Fire Alarm Plan Review requirements Sprinklered Mercantile Occupancy Notes
Fire Alarm requirements for apartment occupancies Standpipe requirements
Fire Alarm Strobe candela requirement Tenant Space sectional valves for sprinkler systems
Fire Alarm Strobe mounting height requirement Use of Preaction outside is still a dry system!
Fire Extinguisher tamper seal Valves controlling Sprinkler Systems
Fire Sprinkler Pipe Heat Trace Requirements Water Supply Testing Criteria
Fire Watch Requirements What size FDC to require
Georgia Fire Alarm Act When is a Central Station required
Is it a Mezzanine When is a Condo an apartment and not a townhouse
Main Drain Test Connection (more coming soon!)