Valves controlling Sprinkler Systems

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Valves controlling Sprinkler Systems

Postby Blackstone on Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:34 pm

All valves controlling sprinkler systems shall be electrically supervised (i.e. tamper switch) – this would include all valves on the aboveground and private service main, including valves on backflow preventers whether in pits or inside, to be electrically supervised per 2003 IFC, Section 903.4 - and per Section 903.4.1, the signals transmitted to a monitoring agency or when approved by the AHJ, a constantly attended location (typically also requiring the attendees to be qualified personnel trained in providing this service – see next paragraph for more). The code has exceptions such as valves in roadway boxes requiring a special wrench to operate, test valves, valve trim valves, etc., but just because it is located in a valve pit does not exempt them – frequently the backflow control valve on the system side in the pit is converted to a PIV, thus requiring a tamper switch as well.

Also, on sprinkler systems required by the 2000 LSC to be a ‘supervised sprinkler system’ (not all 2000 LSC occupancy chapters require a ‘supervised’ sprinkler system…), the valve supervisory signal is also required to be transmitted to a UL Listed monitoring agency (e.g. central station) per 2000 LSC, Section or to a ‘location constantly attended by qualified personnel’ (such as where guard service is provided and they are specifically trained for this service and the arrangement is approved by the AHJ).
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