Recycle bins in corridors/lobbies

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Recycle bins in corridors/lobbies

Postby Blackstone on Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:42 pm

Paper, plastic, etc. recycle bins located in the corridors and lobbies instead of in a 1-hour trash/recycle room which is required (separation of hazardous areas), is what most building owners/occupants do. The definition of wether the corridor is now a storage room depends on the tolerance level of 'storage' ~ a small convenience trash can or two would not typically be 'storage', nor transient packages left for delivery, but say six trash/recycle bins would probably roll right over the threshold... and the owner is also influenced by their insurance company's risk management policies, not to mention concerns over how such items look to potential tenants, customers, etc.

There is no specific restriction in the Business Occupancy chapter of the 2000 LSC on storage in exit access corridors - probably just a definition thing so no need for it. The 2006 IFC, Section 315.2.2 (and similar in 2000 LSC, Section prohibits this storage in exit enclosures (but not in exit access corridors). 2006 IFC just goes a bit further in Section 315.2 just to say storage of combustibles in buildings shall be 'orderly' and separated from heat sources.

Meanwhile, it is easy to cross the threshold of the definition of a corridor to the definition of a storage room by doing this thereby invalidating the 'corridor' storage room from use as exit access - so where is the required exit access now? Can't go thru the 'storage room'! Answer - remove the storage to a 1-hour enclosure and let's call that storage room a corridor again ;-)
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