Fire Alarm Plan Review requirements

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Fire Alarm Plan Review requirements

Postby Blackstone on Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:51 pm

Fire Marshal’s Office: Fire Alarm Plan Review Submittal Information:

1. The 2003 International Fire Code, Section 907.1.1 and NFPA 72 (2002), Section A. provides a list of items to be included in construction documents for Fire Alarm Systems submitted for review. Shop drawing for review are to include, but not limited to, the following:

A Plan view drawn to an indicated architect/engineer scale – include a Graphic Scale

B Low Voltage Contractor’s name, license number, and signature.

C Equipment submittal (see NFPA 72 [2002], Section 4.3.1). Include compatibility list for equipment.

D Battery calculations (see NFPA 72 [2002], Section and circuit calculations.

E Matrix of input / output operation indicating the sequencing of the fire alarm system (e.g. where applicable: fan shutdown, annunciation, elevator recall / power shunt-trip, kitchen hood suppression release, fire pump run / stop – loss of power – phase reversal alarms, notification to central station, sprinkler tamper – waterflow alarms, etc.). This may either be narrative (for very simple systems), tabular (see NFPA 72 [2002], fig. A. for sample), or graphical (logic flow diagram).

F General Notes indicating:
(1) Wiring class (plans shall indicate wiring schematic)
(2) Notes on conduits, terminals, etc. (if addressable – include device addresses)
(3) Fire Alarm System monitoring organization (Central Station, Proprietary, etc.)

G Legend including:
(1) Initiating device info (e.g. spacing limits, mounting height, etc.)
(2) Notification device info (e.g. candela, decibels, mounting height, etc.)

H Room names, door locations, ceiling features, and other architectural information necessary to adequately review the Fire Alarm Layout (no 'stick' drawings - walls must have a thickness, not just a line!).

I A completed Transmittal Letter must be submitted with ALL plan submittals. A minimum of two sets of drawings, equipment submittal, etc., are REQUIRED for submittal.

2. Note: Visual notification appliances are required in all general usage and common areas as required by 120-3-20-.39 (Georgia Accessibility Code).

3. Provide a smoke detector in the room that contains the FACP per NFPA 72 [2002], Section 4.4.5.

4. Automatic or live voice evacuation or relocation instructions is required for notification to occupants throughout Assembly Occupancies (that would be any assembly use room with an occupant load of >50) per Life Safety Code (2000) Section

5. The Georgia State Amendments to the 2000 IMC requires duct detectors be installed in the supply air stream for all units exceeding 2000cfm. The Fire Alarm, upon activation of any Smoke Detector, is to include a provision for HVAC fan shut-down per the 2000 International Mechanical Code, Section 606.4.

6. Coordinate the Fire Alarm with the Kitchen Hood which shall comply with applicable NFPA 96 (2001) requirements. Note: Separate plans by the installing contractor for the hood suppression system is required for review if this is a new hood. A minimum Class K type Fire Extinguisher shall be located within 30-feet of travel distance from the cooking range per NFPA 10. Hood to be mounted to provide for thorough cleaning of its surfaces. The manual release for the hood suppression system is to be no closer than 10-feet and no further than 20-feet from hood along path of egress from the area as required by 2000 IBC, Section 904.11.1. Activation of suppression system shall automatically shut down fuel supply to equipment with the reset being manual per NFPA 96 (2001), Section 10.4.

7. The use of any heat detectors shall have temperature rating to comply with NFPA 72 (2002), Section 5.6.2. Based upon the maximum measured ceiling temperature with all equipment in operation, use Table to determine the applicable temperature rating.

8. Note: Fire Alarm System must comply with GAC (120-3-20), 2000 Life Safety Code (NFPA 101 – 2000), and NFPA 72 (2002) requirements.
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