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Drive-thru canopies

Postby Blackstone on Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:20 pm


As the Drive-Thru Canopy is of non-combustible construction, and automobiles would not normally stand/park below it (similar to a restaurant/bank/pharmacy canopy as opposed to a motel/church/school canopy where shuttle busses, etc. frequently are left running and/or parked), then in buildings required by Code to be fully sprinklered, the Fire Marshal’s Office does not require automatic fire sprinkler protection below this canopy. Signage visible to any vehicular traffic below the canopy indicating “No Vehicle Standing or Parking below Canopy is Allowed by Order of Fire Marshal” shall be provided.

MOTEL, SCHOOL, or CHURCH Drive-thru:

In buildings required by Code to be fully sprinklered, the Fire Marshal’s Office requires automatic fire sprinkler protection to be provided below all drive-thru type canopies per NFPA 13 (1996), Section 4-13.7.1 as automobiles, vans, etc., are subject to driving and/or occasionally standing/parking under the canopy, which introduces combustibles below it. If piping in this areas is subject to freezing temperatures and can not be reliably maintained at or above 40F as required by NFPA 13 (1996), Section 4-, then a dry pipe type (or anti-freeze type if less than 40 gallon capacity) system is required.
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