FACP serving multiple buildings

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FACP serving multiple buildings

Postby Blackstone on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:34 pm

Fire Alarm System Interconnection

This is to clarify requirements for the use of a single Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to serve one or more buildings. Whether the buildings are separated by some distance, or by a fire wall per the 2000 IBC, Section 705, a single FACP may serve more than one ‘building’. The interconnection from the adjacent ‘buildings’ to the ‘building’ with the FACP, either thru the fire wall that separates the ‘buildings’, or thru underground conduit in the space between the ‘buildings’, shall be permitted provided the following survivability items are incorporated into the system:

1. Fire wall penetrations by interconnected wiring shall comply with the 2000 IBC, Section 711.

2. Each ‘building’ shall be on a separate zone, including separate wiring.

3. Interconnected wiring from the adjacent ‘building’ to the FACP shall be routed thru areas of limited combustible characteristics defined in NFPA 90A (1996).

4. Interconnected wiring from the adjacent ‘building’ to the FACP shall be installed in metal conduit or raceway, and where the wiring exceeds 100-ft, the metal conduit or raceway shall be enclosed in a 2-hour fire rated enclosure or consist of a 2-hour cable assembly installed in metal conduit or raceway.

5. The FACP shall be located in a room that has a minimum of 1-hour fire resistance construction separation from adjacent areas.
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