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Georgia Fire Alarm Act

Postby Blackstone on Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:24 pm

The currant state of Fire Alarm Contracting in Georgia requires only an LVA or LVU low voltage license (could even then reliably be opened-up to regular electrical contractors once this legislation is put into place...) without requiring any training, certification, etc., and the result is an unregulated, haphazard, untrained, and even reckless design and installation of fire alarm systems throughout our Great State of Georgia. Often a fire alarm system is the ONLY active fire protection system a building has (as many facilities are permitted by Code to be constructed without a fire sprinkler system) and having such system compromised due to incompetence in my opinion is borderline criminal. I'm personally tired of the bad joke this state of affairs has left our Georgia, not to mention the disservice to those few responsible fire alarm contractors who are trying to make a living in our State.

I can not express the importance and dire need for such legislation in Georgia.

Click here to view my proposed OCGA 25-14:
OCGA 25-14.pdf
Click here to view my proposed 120-3-TBD:
120-3-TBD Fire Alarm Act.pdf

I have modeled these documents on the 'Georgia Fire Sprinkler Act' and 120-3-19 (associated rules for that act), using my fire alarm expertise and my experience with the SFMO performing fire alarm plan reviews and consultation, in addition to many years of code consulting. I would like to get the process started for fine-tuning the proposed legislation and then subsequently have them introduced into legislation, get applicable funding appropriated, etc.

These documants have been submitted to certain persons of the Joint Fire Service Legislative Committee, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs, a State Senator, and others who act interested but never do anything about this. Most other States have such legislation regulating Fire Alarm Designers, Inspectors, Contractors, etc. - Georgia is being made to look like a fool, and Fire Alarm Installation companies that are competent are just avoiding us (they can't compete with contractors who are contracting installations that are no where near meeting code and thus easily underbidding the competent companies...).

So, what are we to do? Business as usual, or time for a change - do we even try to get this right, or just let it continue until something bizarre happens and we're forced to? Are you tired of having your hands tied because there aren't any laws with which to enforce good engineering practice?

Need input!

Ms. Jaimie Blackstone, PE
Fire Protection Engineering
& Fire Modeling Services We find consulations, we learn tricks with which we deceive ourselves, but the essential thing - the way - we do not find. Listen to the river.


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Re: Georgia Fire Alarm Act

Postby Marc_Turner on Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:08 am

I could not agree more.
These rules/requirements would not put any hardship on a competent, reputable & knowledgeable installer.

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