Fire Sprinkler Pipe Heat Trace Requirements

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Fire Sprinkler Pipe Heat Trace Requirements

Postby Blackstone on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:55 pm

A Listed for Fire Protection Service Heat Tracing System (e.g. Tyco Thermal Controls LLC, Thermon Mfg. Co., or EGS Heating Cable Systems – Div. of EGS Electrical Group LLC) is an acceptable method of Freeze Protection. The system shall include the following:

1) Heat tracing type/model selected per Manufacturer’s recommendations.

2) Insulation per Manufacturer’s Data.

3) Connection end pilot light located where it is readily visible upon inspection.

4) Thermostats:
a) Ambient Sensing set at 40ºF either directly or through an appropriate contactor.
b) Line Sensing located on opposite end from connection end pilot light.

5) Ground fault circuit breaker with a 30mA trip level (such as Square D QO-EPD and QOB-EPP or equivalent) per NEC (NFPA 70, 2000 edition) requirements.

6) Monitoring by Fire Alarm System for trouble conditions per NFPA 72 (1996), Section 3-8.6.2.

7) Installation:
a) Apply the heater linearly on the pipe after piping has been successfully pressure tested. Secure the heater to piping with cable ties or fiberglass tape.
b) Apply ‘Electric Traced’ signage to the outside of the thermal insulation.

8) Tests:
a) After installing and before and after installing the thermal insulation, subject heat to testing using a 2500 VDC megger. Minimum insulation resistance should be 20 megaohms regardless of length.
b) The installer shall test both heating cable bus wires to verify the connection of any splices of tees.
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