FD access roads, F.Hydrants, FDC, PIV, etc.

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FD access roads, F.Hydrants, FDC, PIV, etc.

Postby Blackstone on Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:20 am

In accordance with Chapter 5 of the 2006 IFC, a minimum 20-feet wide unobstructed roadway clearance shall be provided for Fire Department Access (paved all-weather surface capable of supporting Fire Department Apparatus to within 150-ft of all portions of the exterior walls of the building per 2006 IFC, Section 503.1.1, and 2306.6 for high-piled storage facilities. For sprinklered facilities that are not high-piled storage, this distance may be required only to one full side of the facility containing the fire department access into the building such as the main entrance), including 13-feet 6-inches vertical clearance. Turning radius for Fire Department Access roads shall be a minimum of 35-ft. (outside radius of turning curve). Maximum grade shall be 20%. Marking of Fire Department Access, including any required signage, shall be provided - coordinate type of marking/signage requirements with the local Fire Official.

A Post Indicating Valve (PIV) is required on all Fire Sprinkler lead-ins per NFPA 24 (2002), Section 6.3.1. The PIV shall be located at a minimum of 40-ft from the building unless circumstances are prohibited, whereby a wall mounted PIV (WPIV) may be acceptable provided it complies with Section The provision of Section 6.3.2 is only accepted where neither a PIV nor a WPIV is feasible, such as at inner city locations where sidewalks would be obstructed. Valves in pits, Post Indicator Valves, and other valves (other than key valves in roadway boxes) controlling the water supply to Fire Hydrants/Sprinkler System shall each be electrically supervised with a Tamper Switch in accordance with NFPA 13 (2002), Section as required by 2000 LSC, Section 9.7.2. NFPA 1142 (2001), Section 8.6 references NFPA 1141 (1998) which provides supplemental information (guide ~ support document). NFPA 1141 (2003), Section 8.1 provides that if mounted on the building they serve, Fire Department Connections (FDC) for sprinkler systems shall be located not less than 100 ft (30.5 m) nor more than 200 ft (61 m) from a pumper fire hydrant. If such connections are not mounted on the building they serve, they shall be located at least 100-ft (30.5 m) from the building they serve and not more than 50 ft (15.4 m) and not less than 25-ft (7.6m) from a pumper fire hydrant. Additionally, fire hydrants shall be positioned within 500-ft of all points of the exterior of the building. A minimum 3-ft clearance around each fire hydrant shall be maintained, and shall include bollards where subject to vehicular impact. Supplies to fire hydrants used for pumper connections to the FDC (i.e. pumper fire hydrant) shall be located upstream of the FDC, and shall be located within 6-ft of the Fire Department Access road per NFPA 1141 (2001), Section 9.1.6. Supply from FDC shall always be located downstream of any Fire Pump.

Fire Department Access Doors shall comply with 2006 IFC, Section 2306.6.1.1 which requires one to be located in each 100 linear feet (or fraction thereof) of all exterior wall facing Fire Department Access Roads (required for all portions of exterior walls for High Piled/Rack Storage).
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