NFPA 13 Hydraulic Calculation Procedure

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NFPA 13 Hydraulic Calculation Procedure

Postby Blackstone on Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:23 pm

Hydraulic Calculations for each hydraulically calculated area on all submittals shall be a single set of calculations made from the remote area to the point of the waterflow test per NFPA 13 (2002), Section 14.4.4, not to an estimated/separately-calculated available supply at the riser, pump discharge, or other obscure location (calculations shall start with the flow and pressure demand at the most hydraulically demanding single point in the system, and work back to the point where the water supply test was performed adding all pressure losses [friction, elevation, etc.] and additional flows [hose, in-rack, etc.] to determine the total water demand at the available water supply validating such demand). (Note: As this cushion is required for the finish installation, an additional safety factor may be prudent to compensate for any changes to the design from field conditions, any addenda, etc.)
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