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Visit the Atlanta Cloister Room ! An alternative to NO DOCTOR WHO......... The Atlanta Cloister Room

Visit Jaimie's Space: Above & Beyond Site ! 28th Squadron 'Mad Pancakes' Space:Above & Beyond

Visit the Georgia Militia's 911th Squadron Website ! Georgia Militia: 911th Squadron

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Jaimie . . . . . . . and her wingman, Ace!

Click here for the Squadron in ACTION: F14 F18 SU34 KC130

Click here for the B-17 "Texas Raiders":

Click here for some 'edited for TV' RED vs BLUE fun: RED vs BLUE

Click here to see photo's of my GrandFather ARGUS, and my GrandUncle HUBERT:

Click here to see photo of my GrandMother Grace:
Grace Blackstone

Click here to see photo's of my Father HOWARD, and my Mother PEGGY:

If you wish to see my Triton Greater Sulfer-Crest Cockatoo, ACE, in action, click the links Below:

If you wish to see my Chilean Rose-Hair Tarantula, the Lady ROMANA, in action, click the links Below:
Ace Attack
Radical Ace
Swinger Ace
I Love You
Crazy Girl
Swingin in the Rain
ACE's new home
... and Photoz

If you wish to see my Agouti (Cottontail) Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, AGURA, in action, click the links Below:
AGURA's home
AGURA playing OutSite
AGURA in Love
AGURA with Ace and Jaimie

If you wish to see my White-Faced (Blonde) Sugar Gliders, Piper, Aerrow, and Starling, in action, click the links Below:
Glider Ball
Glider Play Tent
Glider Cage


Ozzie and Harriett Little Michael
  Wild Thang
Is ThereA Doctor In The House?
Fly High Kiss The Sky!

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