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Fire Protection Engineering Services:

Plan Reviews:
  1. Fire Sprinkler shop drawings, calculations, equipment
  2. Fire Alarm shop drawings, calculations, equipment
  3. Special Hazards shop drawings, calculations, equipment
  4. Smoke Control shop drawing, analysis, modeling
  5. Equivalency (variance) proposal review
Project Construction Services:
  1. Progress Inspection Report
  2. Punchwalk Inspection Report
  3. Waterflow Testing Report
  4. Acceptance Testing Report
  5. Trouble-shooting Analysis
  6. Code Compliance Analysis

Fire Modeling Services:
  1. Atrium Design Smoke Control Fire Modeling
    (5MW fire, 20 minute duration)
    Click here for video of failed smoke control design (5Gb+File)
    Representation of a smoke control design by Mech.Eng. using algebraic equations (used beyond the equations's validation), which was also approved by the State Fire Marshal's Office (under protest!), and NOW: CFD modeling with sprinklers (including water curtains and draft stops), detectors, fire, smoke, open stairs, and occupant evacuation indicates it will fail if ever needed for a fire it was supposedly designed to adequately evacuate... The 'evacuees' that turn RED will not survive due to receiving too large of a Fractional Effective Dose (FED) of the toxic gasses and smoke (soot) damage to the lungs.
    Quantities for occupants in atria and adjacent residential apartments determined by OL factors of LSC. After atria occupants evacuate, residents will 'appear' in atria by leaving their units after varying times. Note: This failed design uses only two exhaust fans at the top of the unprotected vertical opening, and due to severe air entrainment from the unique geometry (which is why algebraic equations were not valid - see NFPA 92B (2005), Section A.5.4), and an underdesigned smoke control system, there is an unacceptable risk due to the probability that fatalities (and thus owner's liability) will be high should the system ever be called upon to protect the atrium occupants and residents from a 5MW fire for 20 minutes.
    Max. FED~6.0 x10-3 w/most starting @ around 5min=>poor design-many deaths

Click here for video of smoke control design by Fire Protection Engineer (10Gb file-sorry, but better quality)
(5MW fire, 20 minute duration)
Same project (w/same FED settings), but NOW as it would be designed had a competent Fire Prot.Engineerbeen involved using the same CFD fire model: Fire Dynamics Simulator 5.4.3 & Smokeview 5.4.8.
Note: This design uses a multi-level-pressurization approach involving five exhaust fans on each of the lower two levels, three exhaust fans at the top of the unprotected vertical opening, and one half-size small fan at both intermediate landings at staris, all to provide both a tenable environment and sufficient visibility which save lives and meets intent of the Fire Codes.
Max. FED~1.0 w/(only 1)~2.0x10-3 @ around 5min=>good design-saves lives
This design is a Tenability Smoke Control System using NFPA 92B (2005), Sections, and 2006 IFC Sections 909.8 (permits using NFPA 92B) and 104.8 (permits using required tenability system).

  1. Arson Investigation Fire Modeling
    Click here for video of sample fire investigation simulation (2.3Gb file)
    Representation of forensic fire scene reconstruction case used in actual investigation. The details of the
    case have been withheld due to evidence and/or privacy concerns. Anyone recognizing this closed case
    from this video is hereby requested to abstain from revealing this knowledge to others.

    This particular simulation involved a suspected arson due to assumed (2) points of fire origin probably not accidental.
    However, modeling indicates fire started at desk (actual single point of fire origin) - which then spread to bread rack
    (suspected second point of fire origin) so therefore accidental cause, not arson, was the final verdict. The unique geometry
    (nearby large cased opening, etc.) and the fire becoming ventilation controlled (notice the two window panes that cracked and
    fell out at around 79 seconds), made for unique circumstances in this case. Luckily, no suspect was arrested before this model was done.
    Note: also modeled fire starting at bread rack but this took out ALL the glass panes in the window, causing the serving area
    and adjacent dining room to flash over and become totally involved - none of which the crime scene evidence supported.
  1. Forest Fire Modeling Simulation (WFDS)
    Click here for video of forest fire simulation (3.8Gb+File)
    Representation of forest fire with pine trees and pine needles next to grassy area with wooden structures.

Fire Protection Design Services:

  1. Full (competitive) or Scope (spec) Designs for bidding
  2. Shop Drawing Designs (plans,calculations,stocklisting) for construction

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