Mike Pence was apparently a pedophile supporter, and is a TRAITOR



The incursion into the Capitol Building on 1/6/2021 is a result of Mike Pence selling out, stabbing President Trump in the back, and disenfranchising legal and legitimate voters.

The reason for the 'invasion'? This jackass excuse of a VP decided to thwart true democracy and protect his own political butt.


Instead, he triggers the Trump supporters gathered outside of the Capitol to take democracy in their own hands into overrunning and occupying the People's Capitol Building from the true insurrectionists. The cowards in the Senate and House, instead of having much needed and deserved dialogue to redress grievances, tucked their tails and ran - only later to return to commit their acts of treason to our Constitution.

Their VICE knows no bounds!

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNYaPLnOzW8
The Telegraph

House and Senate are in recess after Donald Trump supporters breached the Capitol building.

It came after Vice President Mike Pence has said that he will not intervene to stop the certification by Congress of Democrat Joe Biden's election victory, in defiance of Donald Trump.

The statement was released as Trump urged Pence to decline to certify the Electoral College results.

In Congress, Republican lawmakers objected to certifying Arizona’s electors, forcing a debate on the baseless fraud claims. (srikethru added)

By not certifying the electors from those States who are in violation of both their State and the Federal Constitutions, the slate of electors from those states would've been sent back to those States Legislature to be decided, overriding the efforts of those responsible for the un-Democratic Constitutional violations and the fraudulent vote counts/electors... but instead of stopping the process in it's tracks to allow the extensive list of grievances to be redressed by the legislators who are the only one's responsible for a free and fair election, idiot Pence cowardly weasels his way away from controversy.... pathetic worm!

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